Cheap, healthy, effortless vegan veggie stew

What are some of the cheapest foods you can think of? Potatoes Beans Carrots Rice These are the foods I buy in bulk because of their long shelf life and they’re just great wholesome staples to many plant based dishes that I eat. I threw together an effortless stew yesterday and I’ve had it twice already, its too yummy not to share. The chickpeas and … Continue reading Cheap, healthy, effortless vegan veggie stew

Mindful Monday 03

Posture. Yoga has taught me body awareness which has resulted in improved posture for me. It started on the mat, and has transferred into my daily life. We practice proper posture during tadasana, mountain pose. Knees stacked over ankles, hips stacked over knees, shoulders stacked over hips, ears directly above shoulders. It starts in the yoga class, and continues throughout the day. We also practice … Continue reading Mindful Monday 03

Cruelty Free Facial Mask Review

Andalou naturals is one of my favorite brands. The entire product line is vegan and it’s all quite affordable.  Today I tried out their Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask. Let me first say it looks and smells like chocolate frosting. DELICIOUS!!!!  The ingredients are so clean and natural. Aloe is the first ingredient and cacao is the third ingredient. Chocolate is an antioxidant and the … Continue reading Cruelty Free Facial Mask Review

Plant Based Protein Sources

  Its probably the most common question that is asked to anyone who follows a vegetarian or vegan diet: “Where do you get your protein? ” Isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden people become concerned with protein intake at the mention of a plant based diet? Most people are probably not aware of the RDA of protein, and they probably have no clue how … Continue reading Plant Based Protein Sources