5 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips

The pelvic-hip region is a complex structure in our bodies. With so many supporting ligaments, muscles and bones, the hips are a common area for feeling tightness, limitations or pain. Practicing these yoga poses on a regular basis can help ease any discomforts in the region, and they can help to prevent any further issues. Each pose should be held for around 20 seconds or … Continue reading 5 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips

Try this 10-min workout on your next leisurely walk

The excuse I hear most often about exercise is not having enough time. Well luckily, we don’t need more than 10 minutes to work up a sweat. I made this 10 minute exercise for my mom who takes a long leisurely walk everyday. She is looking to gain strength and build some muscle tone, so this workout is nice place to start. All you need … Continue reading Try this 10-min workout on your next leisurely walk

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

“No matter how much attention is directed toward the general principles of injury prevention, the nature of participation in physical activity dictates that sooner or later injury will occur” – my Athletic Training textbook. I’m currently enrolled in a class called Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. It’s a very exciting subject for me, especially since I’m so physically active and so injury prone. We … Continue reading Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

Mindful Monday 03

Posture. Yoga has taught me body awareness which has resulted in improved posture for me. It started on the mat, and has transferred into my daily life. We practice proper posture during tadasana, mountain pose. Knees stacked over ankles, hips stacked over knees, shoulders stacked over hips, ears directly above shoulders. It starts in the yoga class, and continues throughout the day. We also practice … Continue reading Mindful Monday 03

Vegan Backpacking Trip

Long, multi-day hikes that require all necessities including water to be carried in a heavy backpack often leads people to purchase freeze-dried packs of food for the convenience and light-weight. These “convenient” foods are filled with hydrogenated oils, preservatives, additives, and toxic chemicals. It seems counterproductive to consume these toxins on an activity-filled outdoor adventure. Well, turns out that there are many light-weight foods that … Continue reading Vegan Backpacking Trip