Vegan Backpacking Trip

Long, multi-day hikes that require all necessities including water to be carried in a heavy backpack often leads people to purchase freeze-dried packs of food for the convenience and light-weight. These “convenient” foods are filled with hydrogenated oils, preservatives, additives, and toxic chemicals. It seems counterproductive to consume these toxins on an activity-filled outdoor adventure. Well, turns out that there are many light-weight foods that … Continue reading Vegan Backpacking Trip

Plant Based Protein Sources

  Its probably the most common question that is asked to anyone who follows a vegetarian or vegan diet: “Where do you get your protein? ” Isn’t it interesting that all of a sudden people become concerned with protein intake at the mention of a plant based diet? Most people are probably not aware of the RDA of protein, and they probably have no clue how … Continue reading Plant Based Protein Sources

The Easiest, Healthiest Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal, as they say, and being the first meal of the day, your choice of breakfast can have an impact on the choices you make as the day progresses. I want to do minimal prep in the morning, I just want to get the food into my stomach to kick-start my metabolism ASAP. OATMEAL Oats are my go-to breakfast food. … Continue reading The Easiest, Healthiest Breakfast Foods