Mindful Monday 03


Yoga has taught me body awareness which has resulted in improved posture for me. It started on the mat, and has transferred into my daily life.

We practice proper posture during tadasana, mountain pose. Knees stacked over ankles, hips stacked over knees, shoulders stacked over hips, ears directly above shoulders. It starts in the yoga class, and continues throughout the day.

We also practice “swan diving” in vinyasa classes, moving through the hip joint when coming from a standing position into a forward fold, avoiding rounding the spine. Moving through the hips when bending forward is the safe way to do it. After swan diving over 10 times in a vinyasa class, we get into the habit of using our hips to take us from standing to reaching down towards the ground. Have you ever known someone who has hurt their back when bending over? It’s so common to round the spine, but much safer to keep the spine long.

Also, in sukhasana, also known as “easy pose” , we sit in a comfortable position but still, we lengthen the spine and sit up tall. We practice being mindful in simple physical postures when we are practicing yoga, and we learn to live our lives in this mindful manner.

Anytime we are sitting at a desk, sitting in a car, standing in a line, or reaching down to pick something up off the ground, we can practice mindful movement and mindful posture.

Give it a try this week and let me know what you think.

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