A day in the life…

It’s true that I am a “health nut” and many people have expressed to me that they wish they could have the dedication that I have to health and fitness. So I wanted to share with you what my days are like.

This is what’s my day was like today.

I had an appointment to get some blood work this morning, so it was already not my usual morning. I had to be fasted for my blood work and I HATE to skip breakfast but what can ya do? After my appointment I came home and gobbled up my overnight oats, and a Clif bar before heading to work. I only worked a short shift so all I brought for snacks was a banana, a peach, and almonds. My job is very sedentary (I did eyelashes extensions all day, yes it’s fun, but I just sit there for hours hardly moving).

After work I went to the store and munched on some olives and 2 servings of kettle chips. I really try to watch my portions when I’m snacking on a junky type of food. When I got home I did some yoga and then ate a sandwich. My sandwich was made from healthy whole grain bread that is full of fiber and protein, Tofurky slices, Daiya cheese, and lettuce. Super simple and filling.

Towards the evening after my sandwich had digested, I got on my stationary bike. I usually prefer to exercise I’m the morning but my appointment got in the way of that. I did moderate to intense cardio for 50 minutes, which flew by because my music was so good. I always keep an eye on my heart rate and it got up to 70% MHR for a good portion of my ride. After my cardio, I did some core work on the floor. Overall I burned almost 500 calories during my workout sesh.

After that, I ate my meal prepped tofu and quinoa and I also snacked on a small protein cookie and some delicious grapes. 

Now that it’s getting to be bed time, I’ll do some of my favorite night time yoga stretches and then start snuggling with kitties till I fall asleep. 

Overall, I feel like I had a good day since I got a workout in. Usually if I have a “good” day or not is based on the food choices I made and if I got an effective workout in.

Time for sleep! Goodnight!

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