Always Hungry

Well, I did it again. Running late and this time all I made myself was a protein shake after my workout and I grabbed a protein cookie and headed out to work. This was not enough food for me, especially since I went so hard at the gym this morning (trained legs and glutes… Workout plan coming soon). So I had no choice but to head to the grocery store down the street from my work. I would always rather get last minute food at a grocery store instead of a restaurant. It’s so hard to know exactly what you’re eating when you’re at a restaurant, but foods from the grocery store always come with nutritional information and it’s so easy to scan the barcode to add to myfitnesspal.

So I was debating on getting a frozen burrito, but when I started comparing the nutritional value, I decided to get these gardein chick’n sliders. The burrito had more carbs and less protein, so 2 of these sliders gave me my preferred macronutrients ratio. So with these sliders, my cookie and my shake, I was satisfied while staying on track to meet my goals. Also, they’re super yummy! I try to limit my frozen foods because of the high sodium content, but to be honest, I sweat so much during cardio and hot yoga that I’m really not too concerned about it. Today was kind of an emergency situation and these sliders hit the spot. 

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