Bulletproof Coffee

Well…. It’s not really bulletproof coffee since it doesn’t have “grass fed butter” (gross), I used almond butter instead (yum!)

I normally drink my coffee black, and I actually only drink coffee maybe once or twice a week, since it disturbs my sleep regardless of when I drink it. But this morning I was inspired by a Pinterest post to make a vegan version of bulletproof coffee. I had about 10oz of black coffee, added a TBS of almond butter and a splash of non-dairy milk. Mixed it in the nutribullet for about 20 seconds and now I have a creamy, delicious breakfast beverage. I didn’t add any sweetener since I prefer it bitter and wow- this stuff tastes good. If you usually prefer coffee sweet, you would definitely need to add sweetner. The almond butter made it super creamy and now I have a little bit of something in my tummy so I can get on my stationary bike before eating breakfast and heading to the gym. I usually do my cardio fasted, but now since Ive eaten some almond butter, I’m not in a fasted state, however I will still take BCAAs just in case. I will skip my preworkout though, since I just drank 10 oz of coffee.

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

  •  10 oz black coffee
  • 1 TBS almond butter
  • 2 TBS soymilk

Let me know if you try this recipe and if you like it!

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