I did not want to exercise this morning… But I did anyway

I signed up to take a hot Pilates class, and 30 minutes before the class began, I was still in bed. Snuggling the kitties and enjoying the lazy morning, I debated on cancelling my plans. I thought about my progress that I’ve been making, sticking with my meal plans and diligent in my exercising, I knew I owed it to myself to get up and give my best to this day. Ugh but I felt lazy.

I got up, ate some of my overnight oats, and made it to the pilates class with a few minutes to spare. Kristin, who works the front desk even said  “you look tired” 😂, I told her I had been up for less than 30 minutes. She was right, I was so tired and just honestly lazy. So there in the hot pilates class, I took more breaks than I really needed, and gave probably 70% of my effort. It felt nice to sweat and I did get some burning in my core during the planks and bicycle crunches. It was a nice workout but I knew I needed to really exhaust myself before I consider a workout complete.

So after pilates, I went to the gym down the street and focused on upper body strength. I was still not feeling myself, not super energetic (also didn’t take a preworkout cause I had no time to get ready), so I decided I wanted to make this workout quick, hehe. I went for high weight, low rep using dumbells, ez bar and machines. I only did 3 sets of each exercise instead of my usual 4-5 sets, and my reps were low 6-10, instead of my usual 10-15. Since the weight was a little heavier than Im used to, I know I still got effective strength training even though I spent less time in each movement.

I always finish with some cardio so I went to the treadmill for running. I usually start with intervals for 10 minutes and then do a 10 min endurance run and then slow it down for 5 min. Today I did intervals the whole time and skipped my endurance run.  Btw, I’m a new runner, started running less than 1 year ago. I always avoided it because I got acl knee surgery when I was 15 and was just afraid to injure myself, and I did injure myself the first few times I ran, but with slow and steady practice, I’ve gotten so much better at it. It’s amazing the things we can do if we just try 😉.

Which brings me to my next point. I did not want to exercise today. I wanted to be lazy, cause being lazy is so fun sometimes. But you know what is also fun? Looking in the mirror and saying “Damn I look so good!” And a wise woman once said “You want a hot body? You better work, bitch” 🤣. So that’s what I did- I got to work, bitch!




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